alfaloopCreated on: 2014-03
by: Marco Baumgartner -
ALFALOOP is a dynamic looper I've developed with PD Vanilla 0.42.6. I call it a "non-sticky looper" since it allows you to change its loop-length at any time.

ALFALOOP from Marco Baumgartner on Vimeo.

ALFALOOP let's you do basically anything related to looping, such as:
- super short loops of a few milliseconds (that would be a delay...)
- volume-control of the loop in a delayish way (feedback). This results in a "forgettable" looper.
- recording while overdubbing and vice-versa
- free time-shift (make your loop shorter/longer, incl. adjustment of the level of the previous recordings)
- sidechain-compressing of the loop by the input-signal
- proper latency-correction
- etc...

ALFALOOP has four main-buttons: recording, overdubbing, feedback and ducking.
If you assign these four buttons to midi-controllers, you don't need to watch the computers
screen. Everything can be achieved by using these four controllers. You can assign midi or key controllers simply by "touching" like in Ableton and such.

There are plenty of settings-parameters to play around with, like:
- crossfade-length
- crossfade-offset
- fade-in/out-time of the input-signal
- fade-in/out-time of the previous recording while overdubbing (ducking-level)
- automated overdubbing (threshold)
- pre-recording-time (like: 50ms before you hit your controller, scary, isn't it?)
- etc..

All the settings get stored automatically. My goal was that people with little knowledge of PureData (or computers in general) can easily use it too. ALFALOOP features a lot of on-screen-info. To make sure the GUI looks more or less the same on every platform only canvases were used as visible gui-objects. I did my best to clean everything up and make it look neat... The main-engine is a built out of a mixture of delays and tables. In a future release, I will document the subpatches.
Platforms & version
Windows Mac Linux
Pure Data 0.42