Home Base: audio reactive system for visual performanceCreated on: 2015-01
by: Jessey Zepeda - http://jesseyzepeda.com
I updated my audio reactive system for creating generative graphics and controlling third party software. The patch listens to 6 different frequency ranges and converts those streams into midi and osc data. It also uses 3 peaks from the fiddle~ object and publishes them as midi and OSC as well. There is a beat counter object that publishes its data stream as bangs using the object [s metro]. There are also 4 different messages for changing the frequencies of the 6 listener channels.

I use this as a constant running patch that all of my other visuals patches listen to. It also publishes a syphon stream to allow PD generated video to be used by third party applications. You will need to grab the [syphon server] object separately as it is not included in pd.
Platforms & version
Pure Data 0.43-extended
Audio Visual Generative