GOSUB10-004 - expr~Created on: 2011-04
by: 0xA - http://gosub10.org
expr~ from 0xA is GOSUB10's fourth release.

0xA is a band made not out of people, but objects and patches. Snippets
of codes that bleep and blink are added and modified in the online
repository, where it all began. As the repository grows, 0xA evolves
with it. Aymeric Mansoux, Chun Lee and Olivier Laruelle are the current
active contributors. They have performed 0xA across Europe, North
America and Asia in galleries, clubs and festivals.

expr~ is the first music release of 0xA, consists of retro sounding
tracks made almost entirely with the [expr~] object in Pure Data. No
tweaking of number boxes and sliders, no clever generative algorithms,
just switch the audio on and listen.

The source code for this release (implemented in Pure-data) is free
software distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License
(version 3 or greater). For repository, see: http://gitorious.org/0xa

Copyleft: This is a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it
under the terms of the Free Art License.


01 0xA - Winter_Solstice
02 0xA - 0903-4
03 0xA - Nandsynth
04 0xA - Moving_Souf
05 0xA - Cafe_Kuroshio
06 0xA - Family_Mart


Dedicated to innovative music and audio/visuals, the GOSUB10 label
will feature an eclectic group of musicians drawn together by their
shared use of Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS).
Freely distributed by stream, download and special DVD releases, and
made available through an open license, GOSUB10 is run by the GOTO10
collective – an international group of artists, musicians and programmers,
dedicated to FLOSS and digital arts. Brought to life in a intensive four
day work sprint but years in the making, the GOSUB10 netlabel is a
natural extension of GOTO10's activities supporting and promoting digital
art alongside FLOSS tools through workshops, festivals, exhibitions,
writing, and more.
Platforms & version
Windows Mac Linux
Pure Data 0.43
Audio Generative