J.a.g.s.Created on: 2016-02
by: Nicola Ariutti - http://https://github.com/Limulo/Jags
J.a.g.s. (just another granular synth) is a PureData patch useful if you need to create new and interesting sounds using granular synthesis techniques. It grants great flexibility allowing the control of every fundamental synthesis parameter.

J.a.g.s. can also be controlled via MIDI.


J.a.g.s. is released under GPL Version 3 license. Copyright (C) 2016 Nicola Ariutti. The manual is released under GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.3 license.

If you need more information about licenses, please consult the "LICENSE" files within the patch folder. If you need more information please visit the www.limulo.net webpage or contact me: nicola[at]limulo[dot]net
In order to use the patch you need PureData up and running: you can download it from the PureData official web site. Once you downloaded and installed PureData, simply open the "main.pd" patch file with it.

See the J.a.g.s. User Manual for more details.
Platforms & version
Windows Mac Linux
Pure Data 0.43-extended
Audio Visual Generative