mtlCreated on: 2010-01
by: tof -
mtl is a group of abstractions that make Pure Data a lot easier!

- Grouping abstractions by their functions rather than their author
- Classifying popular abstractions and externals through a unified help system

Providing a unified architecture for:
- Timing or synchronizing events, sounds and video
- Saving the state of a patch at different scopes
- Loading, managing, configuring and playing sound samples
- Playing and managing movie files
- The creation of dynamic 3D structures

To know where to install the mtl folder

Open pd
Go to Help - Browser (Ctrl+b)
Look for mtl/
Open 1.mtlBrowser-help.pd
Or just make a new patch in add [mtl/browser]
Platforms & version
Windows Mac Linux
Pure Data 0.42-extended
Audio Visual