mnb generative radioCreated on: 2011-01
by: Martin Brinkmann -
my contributions to, and other 'generative patchs' puredata-patches which 'play themselves' in a windchime like way, based on random- and other processes.

  • metro_plucks 6 (plucked, virtual) strings

  • off_festival distant music and other noises

  • euclidean patterns clicks, synth and bass, fx, based on euclidean rythmns

  • irrational clicks based on cycles with irrational length, chords, fx and graincloud

  • lower_density sine-beating controlling synth, clicks and noises

  • cloudsalias random synth used as input for graincloud-sampler

  • cant talk using resonator-chords and buffer-fx

  • plinktank non-interactive version of the 'plink'-rjdjscene (granular synth)

  • sprayloops random plucks added to a looper

  • rns based on the 'random noise synth'-patch/scene

  • sinecyclesfm slowly mutating trigger cycles

  • clickstrings random arpeggios, phasevocoder pads etc. partly based on 'go on'-rjdjscene

  • adding blips 2011 based on 'add blips' rjdj-scene
Platforms & version
Windows Mac Linux
Pure Data 0.43
Audio Generative