multi-voice wavtable synth Created on: 2011-10
by: toxonic -
it features two wavetable osc's with their own filters and amp-envelope. the standard waveforms consist of sine partials (amount choosable). theres an arpeggioator with different modes too. further i added an fx-bank with some real nice sounding standard fx (phaser, tremolo, delay, chorus, reverb, bit-crusher,..) - the integrated fx signal flow selector is a little buggy, but works for now.

theres a preset section with 5 saved presets at the moment (independent from the amount of voices).

i stuck on the modulation section as i have not enough time to work on it. browse the "abs" folder, there are some nice abstractions for different purposes in it. sorry for i never wrote a documentation for this thing. maybe someone can use it or parts of it.

ps: by the way, this thing is a cpu hog, it uses something about 20 - 25 % of cpu power with 5 voices on my i5 notebook.
Platforms & version
Windows Mac Linux
Pure Data 0.43-extended